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Corfu pottery - Ceramics workshop - by Sofoklis Oikonomidis and Sissy Moschidou
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Sofoklis Oikonomidis

Sofoklis Oikonomidis

He was born in 1954 and grew up in Thessaloniki. Since he was a child, he has taken an interest in the art of pottery watching the traditional potters of the town and learning its ancient secrets from them.

During his studies in France he had the opportunity to attend a course on clay and glazing technology. At the beginning of 1980 he set up his own workshop in Thessaloniki.

In 1987, enchanted with the island of Corfu, he moved and settled there with his family.

Since then he has been following and studying the pottery art of Corfu and together with Sissy he has been creating ceramics with respect to tradition, maintaining the colour and the light of Corfu. Sissy Moschidou

Sissy Moschidou

She was born in Alexandroupoli and she lived in Thessaloniki from 1962 to 1987. She has studied painting and interior design. She has worked as a school teacher of arts and crafts. Since 1980 she has been working with Sofocles painting ceramics.

The subject matter of her painting is inspired by the countryside and the local traditions of Corfu.

The clay we use is Greek and it is baked at 1100°C. The glazes do not contain lead or any other toxic substances.

Here are the steps in the ceramics process: At first the clay object is shaped on the wheel.
Then, after it has completely dried, it is put in the kiln (a large oven), he firing lasts approximately 8 hours.
After the firing the pot is allowed to cool gradually within a period of 36 hours.
Next, the pot is painted, glazed and put in the oven for the second firing.
The overall process lasts about ten to fifteen days.

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